Drama Free Zone

You've put a lot of time, work and energy into your vision.  It's my job and my crew's job to bring it to life.  We'll get in there, study and explore it and figure out which road is the right road to make that image perfect and bring your vision to life.  We'll do everything possible, and sometimes even impossible, to get us to that happy place.

My drama free studio is simply my promise to you that your experience with me and my team will surpass expectations.  With a total commitment to your project, executed not only with the highest quality, but on budget and on time.  We are simply having too much fun to be divas or have ridiculous ego inspired demands.  None of us will be throwing any cameras, insisting on a certain type of food at a certain temperature or insisting that you go through channels to get me a message.  All of that is just a waste of energy and time, none of which is compatible with the way we think a shoot needs to be.  We are a down to earth group of individuals focused on job success.    

Kiran Koshy

Assoc Creative Director


I was fortunate enough to work with Bonnie on a campaign for Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores. It was a concept that required a very specific sensibility, and talent, and Bonnie was the only photographer who fit the bill. We crafted elaborate sets by hand using materials found in the stores. Bonnie, the creative team, the client, the account folk…we all jumped in, crafting intricate scenes bit by bit with the set builder. We shot large portions of the images in camera, with very heavy compositing when it came to finessing the finer details. Bonnie didn’t farm this out to a retoucher. She did it all herself. It was an intrinsic part of her artistic process…something she couldn’t and wouldn’t divorce herself from. It would wreck her. Bonnie built each image...layer-by-layer, filter-by-filter…caressing the aesthetic, and the integrity of the image, to where we’d planned on taking it. Every image was a piece of her heart. She steered our collaboration with patience and love, giving us a campaign that won crafters hearts, a Graphis Gold, and our admiration as an agency.

Wendy Tiefenbacher

Director of Photography 

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

I’ve drooled over Bonnie’s gorgeous work for a long time... clipping her pages in at-edge.com, etc. and finally got up the nerve to call and ask her to shoot for Kiplinger’s.   From the minute she picked up the phone until she sent us the final art for our cover I felt like I died and went to heaven!    I’ve been a photo editor for a very long time,(started out as a photographer with my MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institutebut realized I had a “calling” for photo editing), I still marvel when huge talents are also unbelievably nice, kind, efficient, thoughtful, have a great sense of humor, and did I say kind and sweet? And affordable.  I hate to say this in public but she’s worth way more than we paid her.  But the bottom line is the quality of the work. Nothing derivative. Uniquely her... with a style and skill that is honed to perfection.   She came in on time, on budget, and with one of the best covers we have ever had.  I am eternally grateful and honored and can’t wait to work with her and her team again!”

Hannah Malott

Chief Creative Director

Benefit Cosmetics

Bonnie's work is whimsical, magical and elegantly crafted. She has an extraordinarily talented team that turns the dream of an idea into reality. Bonnie's energy and passion for her work is inspiring to be a part of. Simply put, Bonnie is a joy to work with.

Bruce Edwards

Creative Director

I've worked with Bonnie on numerous occasions and always been impressed.  She's extremely collaborative.  She diligently, (but respectfully) pushes concepts to make them as great as they can be.  And we always have a great dialogue throughout the entire process, from model selection to final image choices.  It's nice to find a photographer that puts it all out there to make ideas come to life.  And Bonnie does, every time.  We have the pictures to prove it.

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